What a wonderful year, full of new faces two legged and four. In the year of 2018 we welcomed a fair few new faces to our horse team. Firstly, Song arrived from Sandra Pearson Adams, a fellow Dressage rider. Song settled in and soon became a favourite to many of our adult riders. We then welcomed a blast from the past, Rocket returned! Rocket was one of our horses here at Riverside many moons ago and is now back working as hard as ever. Luke arrived a little later in the year and is proving himself to be level headed and an excellent intermediate lesson horse. One of our friendly faces here at Riverside, Alison, bought a lovely gelding named Ripley, better known as Ripples. He is settling in nicely and is growing into a lovely young horse. Then came Guinness, who belongs to one of our regular students Sienna. These two have grown together very quickly and are becoming quite the team. Last but not least, we welcomed Bally, who is already a favourite with our regular riders. Bally has done it all and we are happy to have him as part of our team as we know he will be a huge asset to our riders.

On another note, we are sadly saying fair well to a favourite pony amongst all our riders, JJ. JJ is returning to his home before Riverside, we will all miss him a lot, but we know he has worked hard for us, he has given us a lot of love and now he needs to pass his love on. We all thank you JJ for being such a funny little character and for all the precious rides. Fair well JJ.

An exciting adventure for all of us here was when Totally Wild came to visit. We all had a lot of fun and the guys from Totally Wild were so lovely and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera, considering we were all so nervous.

We had a lot of fun this year during our day camps, so many new faces came along and enjoyed themselves. One of the most rewarding feelings is when someone comes along for the camps that has never ridden before and they absolutely love it. They love it so much they come back again! We introduced some new activities into camps this year, Ninja Warrior, Riders Choice and many more. They were all a hit. We held our own ODE (One Day Event) in the last of our Summer camps and it was amazing, the kids loved it and adults too. We held a Senior and a Junior competition and it was a very close call. Our Senior winner was Charlotte Ferrier on Exxy and Junior was Arabella Wilson on Whiskey, what great teams. Everyone went extremely well on the day, especially in the heat. All riders made sure their ponies were nice and cool, had enough water and a nice big lunch, as well as themselves.

Mrs White has some exciting news over the two weeks we were closed, she was able to have her hip operation! As soon as Mrs White could get it done the better, which obviously meant the sooner she can ride again! So now in the final stages of recovery, Mr White is building a brand new mounting block so it is easier for everyone to get on and so Mrs White can continue what she loves doing most, riding her beautiful horses of Riverside.

We do have a few thank you’s to put out there to our Riverside friends. Firstly, a massive thank you must go to David, who supplies us with all our hay. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do with out the effort that David puts in. We also need to thank our feed suppliers from Goodna produce, over the last few months we have been so very well looked after by everyone at Goodna even though the struggle for feed was huge everywhere. Another thank you must go to all our Agistee’s, for being patient and understanding the struggle of this drought. Paddocks are dry and dusty and yet you all still stay with us. Thank you to all our clients, without your support there would be no Riverside. And lastly, Thank you to our amazing staff for all the effort you put in to keep Riverside a beautiful place. We would be lost with out you all, so thank you to the whole Riverside team!


Welcoming in the new year was as good a it was hot! We celebrated Christmas and the new year by giving the horses and ponies of Riverside a two-week break! We then got straight back into it with three weeks of camps and a whole lot of fun in the sun! We were so grateful in those three weeks for Mr and Mrs White as they supplied all the riders with icy cold water and cordial to keep cool and hydrated. We have so many plans for 2019 and we can’t wait to share them all with our amazing team.

We wish you all a fantastic year and we hope to see you all around Riverside as soon as possible!