The summer holidays are rolling around fast and our camp program is filling up quickly..

Day camps will run for one week in December from the 15th to the 19th, and 3 weeks in January starting on Monday January 5th.

Monday to Friday camps run from 830 to 430 everyday, and Saturday morning camps run from 830 to 1230.

Camp days are suitable for riders of all abilities from beginners to advanced riders aged 6 and up.

Please contact Lauren at Riverside if you would like to make a booking!

Monday 15th – Capture the flag & Water Games
Tuesday 16th – Gymnastic Jumping & Treasure Hunt
Wednesday 17th – Games & Water Skirmish
Thursday 18th – Show Prep & Show Workout
Friday 19th – Dressage Competition & break up Party

Monday 5th – Arena Games & Bareback Games
Tuesday 6th – Water gun Jousting & Pony Polo
Wednesday 7th – Bareback Swaps & Jumping
Thursday 8th – Water games & Treasure Hunt
Friday 9th – Cross Country & Show Jumping
Saturday 10th – Trail Ride & Arena Games

Monday 12th – Bounce Pony & Dressage Lesson
Tuesday 13th – Pairs Games & Bareback Riding
Wednesday 14th – Treasure Hunt & Intro Jumping
Thursday 15th – Horse Swaps & Undulated Terrain
Friday 16th – Rider Choice
Saturday 17th – Water Games

Monday 19th – Water Fun day
Tuesday 20th – Treasure Hunt & Pony Polo
Wednesday 21st – Jumping & Cross Country
Thursday 22nd – Bareback Vaulting & Bounce Pony
Friday 23rd – Super Hero Day
Saturday 24th – Intro Jumping and Games