Our helper program is aimed at Riverside riders aged 10 years and older.

The helper program is designed to give riders more access to the horse management side of riding, while at the same time devolop time management, work experience and work ethics in young riders.

To say thank you for all their hard work, helpers are offered extra riding time on their helper day to practice and improve their riding skills.

Helpers are welcome to help any afternoon after school, or during the day on a Saturday.

Helpers are expected to be capable of walk/trot/canter under saddle, and feel confident tacking and untacking horses.

Helpers may be asked to get horses ready for lessons, help younger riders by leading or tacking, help coaches during lessons with equipment, clean up stables and yards, feed horses lunch or catch horses in paddocks. Riverside coaches and senior helpers are always available to show newer helpers how tasks are done and how to do tasks safely!

If your child is 10 years or older and having weekly or fortnightly lessons at Riverside, feel free to talk to one of the coaches about the helper program and if it may be suitable for your rider.