Our big shiny goldfish with a heart of gold, Henry knows all the tricks in the books. He is a perfect beginner mount and will always bring you back to Riverside. Fun fact about Henry; Henry gets fed SO MUCH FOOD, he has a morning routine for his breaky and he knows it off by heart!


Freckles is worth his weight in gold here at Riverside. He loves to be ridden as much as he loves his food. He is a smart pony with a lot of love to give… and take. Freckles belongs to Lizzie and Maddie, who have been riding with us for quite a while! They are such a great team that everyone wants a Freckles! Even our instructors! Fun fact about Freckles; Freckles will literally duck his head and run when he sees his fly veil, but only when he feels like it!



Bambi is known as our super cute ‘Pocket Rocket’ at Riverside, even at his ripe old age. Bambi is officially retired but he gets the occasional ride if we can catch him! Fun fact about Bambi; Bambi is our free range pony. He’s in the paddock at night but gets the whole property during the day. He comes into the shed when he’s hungry and then wanders out when he’s done.


Bandit has a big personality which wins everyone over. At the end of a lesson he loves a good cuddle and plenty of attention. He is one of our stock horses here at Riverside and as quiet as can be. Fun fact about Bandit; Bandit came from some close friends of Shane and Jenny’s. He was meant to be a polocrosse horse but was too slow! Bandit was also an orphan foal, that’s why he loves attention from everyone!


Brandy is one of our three ladies in the paddocks of Riverside. She came from an exceptional jumping home which has led Brandy to be one of our best jumpers. She also loves to help out when teaching beginners to ride but can also take our riders to the next level. Fun fact about Brandy; Brandy never grows a winter coat! All year round she is as silky and slick as ever! Lucky we have big winter rugs to keep her warm!



Ginger is our big, friendly giant! Being Brandy’s other half, she is enthusiastic and loves to jump! She will happily receive kisses and cuddles from anyone. Fun fact about Ginger; Ginger belongs to Anne! Anyone who comes to Riverside regularly will often see Anne riding Ginger!


Jai loves to come up and work as much as he loves to go out and compete. He is a unique colour and has a fun, loving personality that will steal your heart. Jai has an amazing trot that everyone falls in love with!


Pharaoh is known as the ‘yellow pony’, although he stands at  16hh! His big floppy ears and wobbly lips will melt your heart. Pharaoh was once a show jumper, now he enjoys teaching kids the basics of riding.


With one flutter of his eye lashes, he will win you over. He is our jumping star and loves taking our riders around Riverside. Yogi-Bear looks after his riders as he shows them the ropes, and has won over the hearts of so many of our riders!


Whiskey is the most playful of them all. With that cheeky look on his face he is sure to win over every heart at Riverside. Whiskey really loves his treats and would do absolutely anything for a tasty snack after working hard in his lesson


Rocket is a hard worker and a great horse to ride in lessons. You will fall in love with his strong personality straight away. Rocket has done lots of competing, and is an experienced eventer so if you are looking for an all round superstar then Rocket is the one for you!


Bally is a gentle giant that will take his riders to the top! He is an experienced showjumper, so he is always ready to teach you some new tricks! Bally is sure to ace all our showjump and eventing competitions in  our holiday camp programs!


Luke will steal your heart with his big trot and eagerness to please! He loves hanging out with his friends in the ‘old boys paddock’, and you will see his big belly from a mile away!


Panda’s favourite thing to do is to trail ride around Riverside and have some fun in the trees! He is a keen jumper and would wander the property with you for hours if you let him! Panda isn’t so sure if dressage is for him, so we leave it to the other horses!


Exxy will blow your socks off with his amazing jumping skills! He is super quick in our mounted games and will give everyone a run for their money! Exxy can also strut his stuff in the dressage arena, but make sure you are patient with him!


Dazzle is small and speedy, and he is ready to capture your heart with his cheeky attitude! We love having Dazzle around, he will even smile for you if you ask! Dazzle is a natural when it comes to games, and loves to join in on Gymkhana.


Saffron is as sweet as can be, and has a canter that will rock you to sleep! Saffron has developed quite the fan base since she has arrived, and she is sure to win everyone over! Saffron has done some jousting over the years, so she is sure to be a superstar in the jousting activities for camps!


Crispin is a dressage master, and has lived at Riverside for many years, but has only recently joined our group of school ponies! If you want to hone in on your dressage skills, Crispin is the one for you! He knows lots of fancy tricks for you to train and master.


Danny is one of our newer members, he is definitely a beautiful boy and has won over many hearts already! Danny is one of our younger horses, so he still has lots to learn, but he has a great attitude towards work and we think that he is going to be a standout amongst the group!


Larry will always make you laugh! With his big eyes and bright chestnut colour, many of our riders have decided that Larry could double as a goldfish. Larry loves spending time on trail rides and in the trees with his friends from his paddock.


Banjo is currently our youngest horse in our group, but we find him so adorable and he has many riders who just love him! You will catch Banjo and Hayley in the trees on Friday Mornings, jumping logs and having fun!

Thanks to Emma Holcroft Photography for capturing these amazing pictures of our beautiful horses and ponies of Riverside!