This term we started a set fee for lessons, and a ‘late lesson’ fee, rather than a discount for paying in advance. Lessons are $66 if paid on the day or in advance, and $77 if paid after the lesson ( ie paid late). We will continue to be firm with this – please do not send your child to a lesson without organising payment.
If you are paying via direct debit, a receipt for payment needs to be emailed to us directly, or printed out and handed to your instructor at your lesson time.
Make ups are recorded in the office, and any missed lessons must be paid for and made up during term.
Lesson Availably – We do have lesson spots available during the week and on the weekend for most lessons. Please do not hesitate to talk to Lauren or your coach about moving spots to another spot which may be more convenient. Also, please talk to Lauren or your coach if you think your child is ready to “move up” to another more advanced group.
Private lessons are also available for adults during the week, as well as for any student already having a weekly group lesson. Please let us know if you are interested in private lessons.